With a humble mission is supplying the qualified components to the final product. We are operating as a business in pre-producing raw materials extracted from Vietnam owned fruits, nuts, herbs & vegetables sector.

Our goal is to continuously bring added value to the products as well as expand new demanding markets and become a forever growing factory and a prestigious destination of global buyers.

All the above products will be inspected by SGS,Intertext , Vinacontrol , HACCAP services with Certificates of Phytosanitary, Health, Fumigation and FDA (USFDA) Export Cerificate (Food and Drug Administraion is a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, one of the United States federal executive departments)

Through its extensive agricultural contact networks in Vietnam, we has already supplied a wide range of agricultural products to the customers in USA , Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Malaysia in the Asia Pacific region ,as well as, to the customers in UK & Austria in the European region

+84 913743884
+84 913743884