Fiber tablet provides a favorable environment for more than 2,000 common seed types that can germinate better and faster. Seed pellet is particularly suitable for seedlings of flowers and gardening vegetables at home such as gourd, squash, melon, etc. eventhough for the seeds that are hard to grow: peas, strawberries, etc.

    1. Place the seed pellets into the trays.
    2. Soak the seed pellet in the water until it hatches about 5 times as much as the initial requirement.
    3. When conducting seed nursing, place seeds in the round hole in the center of the seed pellet.
    4. Put in a cool place, moisturize the seedlings when the tablets are dried.
    5. As the seed sprouts and grows into a seedlings, the large roots penetrate the seedlings and then the seedlings are seeded into the soil (or into the plant) to continue growing.
  • 1000 Tablets / Carton
  • 1200 Cartons / Container 20′


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