Dry fish scales

Scientific name: Labeo rohita, Labeo catla, Pink Perch fish, Black pomfret, Anchovy fish, Croaker fish

Size: 2 -12mm

Moisture: 16% max

Foreign matter: 3% max

Cleaning method: wash, only use water, do not use chemicals.
Drying method: solar heat (sun dry)


Size 0.2 – 1.2 cm
Color from ivory to whitish
Odor no odor or a bit fishy
Moisture 20%max
Impurity (bone, skin, etc)  3%max
Cleaning method wash
Drying method solar heat (sun dry)
Impurity (bone, skin, etc) 3%max
Cleaning method  wash
Drying method solar heat (sun dry)
Chemical storage No (or to your request)


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