– General information: For animals (like poultry, cattle, horseâ?¦), at different age stages, nutritional needs are also very different. Therefore, producers like us need to know the nutritional characteristics of those animals at each stage in order to provide the best nutrients needed for them to develop in the best way. More about mixing techniques for high nutritional animals in the groups of minerals, involved in the process of bone formation and other parts of them such as crab shell powder.
– Specifications:
. Grade: Premium
. Type: Powder
. Use: Animal feed
. Admixture: 0.3% max
. Protein: 20% min
. Moisture: 14% max
. Origin: Vietnam

Animals benefits:
– The effect which crab shell powder can bring animals is very amazing:
. More energy support: the powder can provide more energy for animals related to bone, health, bearing capability.
. Protein supply: Protein, the substance which is really necessary for animals.
. Mineral supply
. Vitamin supply


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